Our Servicing Costs

Here are our prices for 2017, please scroll down the page for discounted prices for multiple appliance services on the same visit.


Boiler Service

Duration 30mins/1hr  £60.00


Gas Fire Service

Duration 30mins/1hr  £65.00 inc VAT


Boiler and Gas fire service

Duration 1hr/1hr30mins £115.00 inc VAT



Cooker/Hob, Boiler,Gas Fire   

Duration 1hr/1hr45mins  £125.00 inc VAT


System inhibitor dosing

Ensures Optimum Boiler Efficiency

Protects Against Pin-Holing  from £40.00 inc VAT


Supply & Fit Magnetic Filter (22mm Pipe)

including inhibtor dosing  £145.00 inc VAT

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