An overview of the most popular heting systems



Since 2005 all new boilers installed have to be “condensing” boilers in line with Government regulations because they are considerably more energy efficient. A condensing boiler is the most energy efficient type of boiler currently available, with a 90% efficiency compared to 55% efficiency on older, non condensing boilers. This is achieved by a  process within the boiler that turns the residual heat to condensation. The heat from the condensation is also used instead of it escaping through the flue. That’s a potential saving of 35p for every £1 spent on heating the boiler.

A lot of people ask what are the differences are between conventional (also known as Gravity) boilers and combination boilers.  In this section of the website you can explore all of the different types of systems available to install.



The type of boiler chosen will depend on several factors, such as the central heating system already installed, type of property etc.Of the three types, combi boilers are easiest to install, and the most space-saving as they don’t require either hot or cold storage tanks. This has made them a highly popular choice for households wanting to free up space in their lofts. As with any gas appliance, a condensing boiler can only be installed by a 'Gas Safe' registered fitter.

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